Ernest Liu – Principal, Corporate Finance and Accounting Advisory

Mr. Liu is a seasoned finance professional and CFO with over 20 years’ experience in a wide range of industries including professional services, E-Commerce, software, and retail.  Mr. Liu has worked for small firms with annual sales of less than $1.0 MM to multi-national firms with annual revenues approaching $10 B.  He possesses strong skills in corporate finance including capital structure management, treasury, financial analysis and modeling, mergers and acquisitions, and operations review and improvement.  Mr. Liu has significant start-up experience and is currently working for a wide range of clients including 5 early stage businesses.  He has performed ad hoc and regular advisory services for firms ranging from $0.5 MM sales to $300 MM sales.


Mel Eaglin – Principal, Accounting and Enterprise Systems

Mr. Eaglin is a highly experience corporate accountant and controller with over 25 years of experience.  While Mr. Eaglin is very experienced and highly capable with regard to all corporate accounting functions, his specialty is enterprise system evaluation, installation, and conversion.  Mr. Eaglin’s expertise in system implementation and automation has helped his customers reduce billing and cash flow cycles and reduce labor expense.  He is a workflow/system integration expert.  Mr. Eaglin has worked for companies as large as $150 MM in sales.  He performs advisory and system work for firms ranging in size from $10 MM sales to $500 MM sales.